Todd Mumford: B2B Sales &Marketing Consultant

B2B Marketing Consultant: Todd Mumford I love consulting B2B businesses with marketing and content strategies, and do so on a limited basis when I determine there’s a fantastic fit with vast growth opportunities.

Advising, Strategy and Coaching

As a B2B marketing consultant, who’s helped the likes of everyone from Coast Capital Savings to Disney, my services can be geared toward small, medium and enterprise level business.

If we talk and determine there’s a strong fit, I start with a thorough analysis and documentation of your company’s objectives, market, performance and resources, with specific focus on marketing and sales.

I’ll ensure you’ve got critical elements in place and properly set up, including marketing and sales goals, plans, budgets, tactics, tools, systems, timelines, and more. It ensures we attract and engage an increasing number of desired prospects to your scalable sales funnel.

The outcome: more quality leads, more conversions, and ultimately more sales, revenues and profits.

Plan, Execute, Measure

My B2B marketing consulting deliverables can generally be broken down into categories:

  1. Consulting/advising
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Content strategy mapping
  4. Testing and measuring
  5. Reporting and recommendations
  6. Adjustments and improved results

This marketing approach promotes continuous improvement, which consistently equates to higher ROIs. I typically engage with clients for a minimum 6-month term, and keep you in the loop with progress and wins via project boards, like Asana, Podio and Harold. I also recommend bi-weekly or monthly calls using Join Me or similar web conferencing software.

Interested in Growth?

I have very limited openings, so I’m only interested in working with B2B businesses that want to focus on and attain aggressive business growth. If you’re interested, please schedule an evaluation. Many thanks!